about Dan SUllivan, Marketing Consultant

I’m in Evansville, Indiana – about 3 hours from everywhere.

my goal

I want to help your business thrive

I am not the only Dan Sullivan in the world. My mom said “Dan Sullivan” was the Irish version of John Smith. If you came looking for one of the other Dan Sullivans, let me know. Some of us talk to one another.

I’m the Dan Sullivan who does web design, SEO, and digital marketing from Southern Indiana. I’m registered with the state of Indiana as Sullymedia LLC, so that may come up in paperwork if we work together.

It is my joy to work with folks who need creative solutions to their problems. If your project is out of my league, I’ll tell you. But if it isn’t, let’s solve it and make our lives better.

Dan Sullivan marketing consultant in Evansville Indiana with his wife


years of experience
my experience

I’ve done a lot of marketing
to get to this point

My consulting work is informed by 25 years of diverse marketing and communications experience.

1999 – 2004
  • Tech Director at a Mega Church

I was knee deep in print, video, live production, and web design. Keeping a few thousand people informed from week to week takes a lot of tools! We were inventing the new era of church marketing in those days.

2004 – 2007
  • Agency Work then International Marketing

I put together infant formula coupons printed by the millions, DVD menus for corporate training, and yes, more websites. This was in the era of photoshop design conversions. Remember that? Hoo boy.

2008 – 2019
  • Websites, Websites, Websites

I finally niched down into my career. Between freelancing then working for a web design company, I was all-in on hosting, WordPress design, SEO, Google Ads, content marketing, and social media marketing.

2019 – TODAY
  • Full Stack Marketing Consultant

While being a full-time SEO Manager for the best VA disability law firm in the world, I make websites for small businesses and do consulting on the side. My clients include online medical training companies, contractors, restaurants, ministries, plastic factories, home stagers, and insurance companies.


Let’s talk

We can meet on a video call or over donuts and find out pretty quickly if I’m the marketing consultant your company needs.


+1 (812)-618-4608