Your company is different than every other company I’ve helped. That’s ok. I’ve worked with small businesses, charities, local shops, and national manufacturing companies. Your idea deserves the same attention as you promote it to your customers.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve helped dozens of companies make millions of dollars. Maybe I can help you.

SEO Audit
Your website’s SEO annual
physical and fitness plan.
  • Product Feature One
  • Product Feature Two
  • Product Feature Three
SEO Mastery
Your personal trainer and coach for ongoing SEO support and improvement.
  • Product Feature One
  • Product Feature Two
  • Product Feature Three
Marketing Takeover
You run your business and I’ll run the marketing to keep you busy.
  • Product Feature One
  • Product Feature Two
  • Product Feature Three


  • SEO Assessment (A light audit takes a week.)
  • SEO Audit (A deep dive can take a few weeks.)
  • SEO As a Service (This is a long-term relationship. We talk a lot and we steer your business to go up and to the right, like it should.)
  • After an initial set up period, I’ll look over everything your site can tell me and give you advice on what to fix, what to keep, and what to add.

Google Ads and Other PPC

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) ads are the fastest way to get traffic to your new website.
  • In consultation with you, we’ll target the best keywords for your customers so you don’t waste your ad budget on bounces.
  • Google Ads are the right way to go for most sites, but we can use Facebook, Instagram, or even Bing ads if that is where your target market is clicking.

Web Hosting

  • SEO – centric web hosting.
  • Performance-enhanced to work well when the Googlebot or your customers come visit.
  • Don’t burden your IT department with web-hosting, it’s a completely different niche.
  • I can work with your designer to make sure shiny things that look cool also perform well or…

Web Design

  • Straightforward WordPress sites designed with customer conversions in mind.
  • Content is easily edited and added by your team, or you can have me write the copy.
  • All of the SEO special sauce optimized right into the website design from the beginning.
  • Since I have been designing websites for companies since 1999, I can bring that knowledge to your existing design and all of the other services on this page.